Main contractor: Saman Mohit Co.

Subcontractor: Mormont construction inc. (Payab Omran Sepahan Co.)

Construction of Metro Station, “Imam Hossein Square” (Esfahan, Iran)

May 2015 up to Mar 2016

Head of the technical office of the project

  • 180,000 m² with Concrete structures, 4 floors (3 floor underground) Including:
  • Excavation and excavation: 250,000 m3
  • Construction of access tunnel: 15,700 m3
  • Steel: 29,500 ton
  • Concrete: 36,700 m3
  • Brick walls and prefabricated plaster: 45,700 m²
  • Wall covering: slab stone, plaster and tile: 85,200 m²
  • Floor coverings: Ceramic, slab stone: 56,300 m²
  • Landscaping and green space: 270,000 m²
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment

Metro Station, “33 Pol Bridge”


Bathroom and bedroom construction